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Everybody has a use or need.  Fill out our Member application form and list your Business profile and a “wish list” of services that you are seeking. It’s really easy to trade and barter to get what you want!

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Easy to Register, Post and Trade. We are the first barter site that verifies users to enhance the security of their trades.
By charging a minimal annual fee to our members, they will have full access to our bartering website and business listings.

A cashless trading site
• The first to instantly match NEEDS and WISHLISTS.
• Trade all types of services in exchange for a certain amount of another service; no money is involved in the transaction.

The Company


Founded in July 2016, we are a company that was established by several people with widely differing backgrounds and expertise who are dedicated to a singular concept, a Web site known as ExpertiseTrade. ExpertiseTrade is a trading platform designed for Businesses transaction’s with other Businesses. It will be the first trading site to fully exploit the advantages of the Internet and allow people like yourself to realize the possibilities of getting stuff for stuff, of excluding the middle man, of avoiding the need for money to get what you want. Anyone who has anything that may be of value to anyone else can be a successful user of our site.

Our path has been challenging. But we are believers. Our Web design has rapidly evolved into a user friendly interface that should be fun to use.

We are excited about the possibilities for Internet based trading by individuals. We have all traded baseball cards, books, CDs and DVDs, comic books and even the shirts off our backs. But in each case the trades required that we would be lucky enough to find someone nearby who had what we wanted and wanted what we had. The magic of the Internet is its ability to support the creation of a virtual marketplace populated with millions of traders who have millions of services for trade. ExpertiseTrade will enable these Business traders to complete their trades by instantly matching with needs/wish lists of other businesses.

We sincerely hope that our site will have a positive impact on the lives of its users, making it easier for them find the things they want (or need) while, at the same time, saving them money. We expect that our site will have a significant impact on how business is done. is a unique peer to peer bartering service that allows an individual to trade services with another individual without the use of currency. By purchasing a minimal $9.99 annual membership fee you will have full access to our services list. Therefore, you may trade your services for other’s services you need.

Let’s face it, you’re probably an expert in your own field or business so, why not trade your expertise with someone else’s? It’s a win win that alleviates the need for CASH!

Bartering Saves You Money

By its very nature, barter requires no money. Not only can you exchange services that you perform for something you want, but you can acquire something you need without paying cash.

Trading can save you money by immediately lowering your transaction costs. When you sell an item you can suffer a significant discount below its actual replacement value. When you trade, each trading partner has determined that there will be a fair exchange. By your own reckoning, you will receive something that is of equal value to the SERVICE/S you perform. Moreover, in certain cases, trading can have significant tax advantages to buying and selling.


Remember to check our Trading Tips for safety reminders.

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